I am Cynthia I didn’t grow up with cats. I came to like cats as an adult, without a lot of encounters or experience.

Then I lived a man with cats, who welcomed me to his home by accompanying me to the shelter to pick out one for myself. And I came home with two.

We didn’t have a lot of money, but cats were a hobby we could afford. Through the years I observed, experimented, and began to formulate something that was not very well described or understood.

It was in the very beginnings of what was called “psychological dog training.” I began to adapt it to cats.

For almost ten years, I was able to run my own cat shelter and I decided I would share what I’d learned, so other people could enjoy their cats, thrill to their attempts at communication, and love them with all their heart.

The meownewsletter.com is created to be able to have my own platform to share my experiences and insights about cats. It offers incredible, many-layered, enterprise, cat advice in a variety of ways.

The website shares a lot of blogs, videos, podcast, books, and links concerning cats and pets alike.